Jose Marti

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Jose Marti MAST Adult Education Center is incorporated within the Miami-Dade County Public School Systems Adult  and Community Education. It was established in 1987 as a special center for a variety of academic instructional fields and courses entrusted to address the growing needs of local residents and students. The community through the years has become increasingly more diversified and with an increasing need for basic skills attainment and/or reinforcement. The growing population surrounding the center was increasingly demanding courses like citizenship, ESOL, and career/technical training to compete in the workforce.

Classes are tailor made to address the growing demands by offering Health Science courses, Private Investigation, Private Security and as other industries become more predominant.  Classes are assembled to meet the new local industry demands.  Jose Marti MAST Adult symbolizes the spirit of it’s name sake and in his commemoration is an open institution for those seeking the American dream.

Classes/ Courses

    • ESOL Foundations
    • ESOL Low Beginning
    • ESOL High Beginning
    • ESOL Low Intermediate
    • ESOL High Intermediate
    • ESOL Advanced
    • Citizenship 


    Programs are open to students at all times during the semester and year. All forthcoming students are recommended and encouraged to check with a counselor or instructor to determine the specific admission requirements of their programs of interest.

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